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Assistance Desks

You will find here contact information for the various assistance desks. Please ask your doctor or at the IMR office (Outpatient Ward 1F).

Medical Certificates Desk

Entrance Hall, Desk 2

If you have any designated form of medical certificate to be filled in by your doctor, the Medical Certificates Desk helps you. Please apply for it at the desk before or after meeting the doctor. In usual case, you can receive the filled certificate at the next time of visit to the hospital, or through the mail.

Homecare Assistance Office

Health Networking Center (IMR office), Outpatient Ward 1F

Contact if you have concerns about your life after returning home from the hospital. Registered nurses can give you information about medical facilities and organizations, answer questions about in-home care if you are already getting it, etc.

Welfare Assistance Desk

Health Networking Center (IMR office), Outpatient Ward 1F

Contact if you have any concerns about paying your hospital fees, and want to know about welfare assistance such as long-term care insurance or disability assistance to help you pay. Social workers conduct a consultation for them, and if necessary help your application to the Welfare Desk, etc.

Consultation & Support Center for Cancer Patients

Cancer Center, Outpatient Ward 2F

The Consultation & Support Unit for Cancer Patients offers consultation to cancer patients who are hospitalized or receiving treatment as outpatients and to their families. Please feel free to discuss anything, from your anxieties and concerns, to hospital fees and what to do after leaving the hospital.

Nutritional Management Section

The hospital’s Nutritional Management Section works in close cooperation with physicians and nurses in managing the meals of in-patients. On the request of the attending physician, the Nutrition Support Team carries out nutritional education and management on both a one-on-one as well as a group basis for both inpatients and outpatients.

Patient Services

Contact if you have any comments or requests for the hospital. This desk, however, cannot give out any information or advice about your sickness by email or phone. Please come to see your doctor if you need any medical advice.