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For Your Safe Stay

At Kyushu University Hospital, we have created many rules to make sure that everyone staying in the hospital will get safe treatment. We ask for your help and understanding.

Confirming the Patient’s Name

Confirming the Patient’s Name
  • Confirming the patient’s name

    There are a lot of people in this hospital, so we call patients by their full name.
  • Asking patients to say their own name

    To make sure there are no mistakes, we ask patients to say their own name for us.
  • Patients must wear a wristband.

    Because patients will be seen by many different doctors and nurses for operations or examinations, we ask patients to wear a wristband so we can check the patient’s name.

If you have any of the problems below, ask the hospital staff.

If you have any of the problems below, ask the hospital staff.

Help us keep this hospital safe.

  • The directions on this medicine are different from what the doctor told me…
  • The doctor explained about the examination I have tomorrow but I don’t really understand…
  • The doctor gave me advice for treatment but I forgot to ask if there is a different treatment I can try…

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Feel free to ask us about anything.

Preventing Injury and Falling

Preventing Injury and Falling

Hospital life will be a lot different from your life at home.

  • Most of your time here will be spent in bed.

    The hospital floor is harder than the floor in most homes. Falling from your bed hurts more than you think it would, and some people have broken bones from falling.
    Standing on your bed is very dangerous. Because hospital beds are higher than beds at home, railings have been put around them.
  • Because you cannot be very active while you are in the hospital, you may experience the problems below.

    • You feel dizzy when you move.
    • You cannot move your body the way you want.
    • You cannot do things you usually do.

Things to Remember

Things to Remember


  • Preferable

    Shoe type footwear
    • Wear comfortably fitting footwear that you are used to wearing ordinarily.
  • Prohibited

    Prohibition of the use slippers.
    • These come off easily and slip easily, and are very dangerous.
    • These are high in friction and cause tripping easily.
Things to Remember

Over Bed Table

These tables have wheels and will move easily. Leaning on them is dangerous. Put it against the wall when not using it.

Nurse Call Button

Always keep the Nurse Call Button near you. Press it when you need to call the nurse for something. Do not try to do too much yourself because you may fall out of bed. Call the nurse when you need something.

Washing Hands

Wash your hands well with soap and water. There are many germs and bacteria on our bodies that can make us sick. They may not hurt us when we are healthy, but they can hurt us when our bodies are weak. Washing hands is an important way to keep us from getting sick. This is very important for doctors and patients because they have to contact many different people.

Washing Hands
  • Places missed when washing hands

Places missed when washing hands

Disinfecting Hands

There is antiseptic to kill germs and bacteria at the entrance of every hospital room here. Read the directions below carefully. We also ask all family members coming to visit to use antiseptic before coming into the patient’s room.

  • What does the antiseptic do?

    This antiseptic has alcohol in it. If you put it on after washing hands, it will kill all the germs and bacteria that you could not wash off. Put it on when leaving and entering your room!
Disinfecting Hands
How to use
How to use
  • How to use

    Dry your hands. Put one hand under (or top) the dispenser, press the button twice so the medicine comes out on your palm. Rub the medicine on your finder tips, the palms, backs, and between the fingers of both hands, and wrists.

This is not soap!

When your hands are dirty, wash with soap and water before using this.