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Kyushu University has the honor of being one of the seven former Imperial Universities created in the Meiji period. The university is the largest research university in the Kyushu region with research centers in eleven different academic faculties, including the humanities, social sciences, medicine, and science.

Kyushu University Hospital is affiliated with the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Dental Science, offering the most advanced medical care based on the latest research. We have a history exceeding 100 years since our establishment.

Sanseikan is established as a Medical Institution for Western medicine for the children of the lord and their retainers in the domain of Fukuoka under the Kuroda Clan. The roots of this hospital can be traced back to the clinic affiliated with that school.
In the beginning of the Meiji period the clinic becomes an affiliated hospital of Fukuoka Prefectural Medical School.
Fukuoka Medical College, a branch school of Kyoto Imperial University is established, and the hospital becomes affiliated with that school.
Kyushu Imperial University is established in Fukuoka, and this hospital becomes affiliated with the university’s Faculty of Medicine.
The Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics is established in Beppu, Oita Prefecture.
Following the university reform that took place after World War II, the hospital’s name was changed to the Kyushu University Faculty of Medical Sciences Affiliated Hospital. Fifteen departments, including a dental department, were established.
The Faculty of Dental Science becomes an independent facility. The Faculty of Dental Science Affiliated Hospital opens.
The three hospitals affiliated with Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Dental Science and Medical Institute of Bioregulation merge to form Kyushu University Hospital.
Plans for the construction of a new hospital, which began in 2000, are completed. The new hospital consists of a South Ward, North Ward and Outpatient Ward.
  • Seal of the Sanseikan
    (Used with permission of Fukuoka City Museum)

  • Prof. Donitz, President Ohmori and Medical School’s Students

  • First Graduates from the Imperial University

  • Main Gate of the School of Medicine in 1928

  • The Hospital in 1936

  • Investigation for A-Bomb Sufferer’s Medical Care

  • New Buildings of the Hospital in 2009