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Director's Message

Aiming for the best medical care that will satisfy our patients

Meeting all medical needs

In the wake of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, Kyushu University Hospital dispatched a number of medical professionals including the Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) to the field for the purpose of treating earthquake survivors, provided the hospitals in the disaster-stricken areas with beverages and foods, and had patients taken from the hospitals that suffered damage and admitted to our hospital. We also served as a point of contact for coordinating human and material support from national university hospitals around the country.

We believe that it is the mission of core and national university hospitals in the western region of Japan to respond to all medical needs including disaster healthcare services as on this occasion and emergency healthcare services. To fulfill this mission, we are committed to earnestly engaging in treatment, research and education and pursuing advanced, state-of-the-art medical care practices.

Building a healthcare system that will ensure quality care and providing advanced research

We, as the Cancer medical treatment cooperation base Hospital of Prefecture and also as one of the designated hospitals for childhood cancer, play the central role in treating cancers in our region. Last year, we started Cancer Nursing Consultation and Oncology Pharmacist Consultation, and developed the world first robot for automated anticancer drug preparation in a joint venture with private enterprises. We will continue to focus our efforts on treating cancers and other intractable diseases, improve our healthcare system to better serve our patients, and pursue healthcare services that can satisfy our patients. Additionally, we will continue to engage in advanced medical treatment including organ and marrow transplantations which we perform the highest number among the national university hospitals, robot-assisted surgery, regenerative medicine and genetic treatment, and provide advanced medical treatment as one of the advanced treatment hospitals.

In January this year, we were designated by the Minister of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a hospital to play the central role in implementing international-level clinical research and investigator-initiated clinical trials, with the aim of promoting high-quality clinical research and trials essential to developing innovative drugs and medical devices based on Japan's research findings.

We, as the research hub in the western region of Japan, are committed to continuously conducting state-of-the-art research, in order to build the healthcare environment that better serves our future.

Fostering research-minded doctors and promoting further internationalization

It is one of our most important roles to foster skilled doctors. Our goal is to help many more doctors in becoming more research-minded and acquiring high-level problem-solving skills through training at our hospital.

Additionally, we promote the Project for Fostering Medical Researchers of the Future sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in order to foster human resources that can contribute to resolving various medical issues and challenges and also to the advances in both domestic and overseas medical and healthcare practices.

Last year, we set up a new department, the International Medical Department. It consists of three organizations: 1) International Patient Support Center to admit foreign patients, 2) Overseas Exchange Center to promote personnel exchange such as inviting and dispatching researchers from and to overseas, and 3) Telemedicine Development Center of Asia to engage in the development of telemedicine.

We, as the central hub of Internet-based telemedicine education in Asia, have played the vital role in establishing an international network for national university hospitals around the country. We are hopeful to continually apply our achievements to further globalization.

Pursuing the best medical and healthcare practices to achieve our mission

Healthcare services that we are pursuing are the ones that can not only satisfy our patients and reassure their families but also satisfy medical professionals. With the mission, "We strive to be a hospital that can provide medical care to the satisfaction of both patients and medical professionals.", it is our hope to provide the best medical and healthcare practices that no other hospital can provide.

To fulfill our mission, we are committed to continuously achieving the highest level of treatment, research and education and establishing a more stable management base.