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Block Reception

Each floor of the hospital is divided into East and West Blocks. Information about medical exams and treatments is available at the reception desks in these blocks.

Patients who have finished checking in at the main reception desk in the Entrance Hall should proceed to the reception desk of the block where their consultation is to take place. For more information about the locations of these reception desks, please refer to the Consultation Day Guide or the Floor Map for Outpatients.

At the Block Reception Desk

  • Hand in your Check-in Slip, Referral Letter, X-ray films and any other relevant documentation to the receptionist.
  • The receptionist will return your Check-in Number ticket and will tell you what to do next.

In some cases, body measurements, lab tests, X-ray exams, etc. may need to be done before consultation with a doctor.

Consultation with a Doctor

At the Block Lobby

  • Wait until your Check-in Number appears on the GREEN display panel.
  • Note the consultation room number displayed above your Check-in Number.
  • Go into the waiting room.

If your number appears on the BLUE display, please go to the reception.

If your number does not appear after 30 minutes, please see the reception staff.

In the Waiting Room

  • Wait in front of your consultation room.
  • When your Check-in Number appears on the panel at the door please enter the room to see the doctor.

Testing and Exams

Hospital Lab Testing

Blood testing, urine testing is performed in the "Blood Testing room" on the Third Floor of the Outpatient Ward.

  • Hand in your Check-in Slip to the receptionist.
  • Wait in the lobby until your Check-in Number appears on the display panel.
  • After finishing the lab test(s), please go back to the department and notify the receptionist.

X-ray Exams

The reception for X-ray Exam (1B) is located on the South Ward (1F).

Dental X-ray reception is on the North Ward (4F) - Reception "4A".

  • Insert your Check-in Slip into the Registration Machine and receive a number tag.
  • Wait in the lobby until your number appears on the display.
  • After finishing the exam, please go back to the department and notify the receptionist.

Extensive Exams at the Radiology Center

With the exception of emergencies, patients who will be undergoing detailed radiographic examinations and endoscopic procedures in the Radiology Center must have an appointment made in advance by their attending physician.

On the day of your appointment, proceed to the reception desk of the Department of Radiology (located on the 1F West Block) after checking in at the Entrance Hall.

Patients should then continue on to the Radiology Center, which is located in the North/South Ward (1F).

Reception desks are divided into the four areas indicated below: Endoscopy (1A), CT (1B), MR and Ultrasonography (1C), Angiography (1D).

Physiological Exams

Reception "2A" for physiological exams including Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Electroencephalogram (EEG) is located in the North Ward (2F).

The Heart Center sometimes conducts physiological exams in the North Word (3F) - Reception "3A" and "3B"; please follow the directions of reception staff.

Floor Map for Outpatients