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Payment & Obtaining Medications

When you are finished

  • Make an appointment with the doctor for your next visit, if needed.
  • If you require medication, the doctor will give you a Prescription.
  • If you require a Referral Letter for another hospital, the doctor will give you one.
  • Hand in your Check-in Slip to the Block Reception.
  • The staff will give you an Appointment Reminder and advise you what to do next.
  • If you receive a top of your Check-in Slip cut off, you should go to the "5 Cashier" in the Entrance Hall and wait for their number to appear on the screen.
  • Individuals waiting for medical exams or treatment should go directly to the appropriate department. After completing these procedures, patients should go to the "4 Accounting" in the Entrance Hall and present their Check-in Slip. When the charges have been calculated, they should proceed to the "5 Cashier".
  • There may be other cases when patients will be asked to go to the "4 Accounting" for clerical reasons.

Paying at the Cashier

  • Your Check-in Number will appear on the display panel.
  • Pay at the "5 Cashier" and take your receipt.
  • You can use these credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, AMEX, JCB, Discover, China Union(is available at "5 Cashier" counter only. Unavailable at Automatic Cashier) pay, If the fee is over ¥30,000, you will need to use your PIN number.
  • If your number does not light up after 30 minutes, please tell the staff.
  • English translation of the items on the Medical Fees Receipt is available at the Cashier. Please ask the staff.

You can also use the Automatic Cashier

  • Insert your Patient ID Card.
  • Your fee will be displayed on the screen.
  • Insert your cash or credit card.
  • Take any change and the receipt.

If your number lights up yellow, pay at the counter.

Parking Service

The hospital provides free or discounted fees for parking to outpatients. When leaving the hospital, please present your parking card and receipt to the attendant at the Parking Service Desk in the Entrance Hall.

Please see "Facilities & Parking" section.

Guidance for Hospitalization / Exams

A nurse will explain everything to patients who have a reservation for a hospital admission or who require extensive exams upon their next visit. Before leaving the hospital, please go to the corner next to the front door and complete the required documentation.

Obtaining Medications

  • Go to the Outpatient Prescription Counter in the Entrance Hall. They will show you a map of pharmacies and ask which one you would like to go to, and then they will fax your prescription to the pharmacy you have chosen.
  • Pay for the medication at the pharmacy.

If you have a prescription for the hospital pharmacy:

  • At the Dispensing Counter on the Outpatient Ward 1F, show them your prescription and your medical fees payment receipt.
  • When the number on the top right of your prescription appears on the display panel, go to the desk and collect your medication.

Why you should use pharmacies outside of the hospital.

  • Patients are free to pick up their prescriptions when it is most convenient for them.
  • If a patient uses their regular pharmacy, the pharmacy staff are able to verify that the prescribed medications (and any over-the-counter products that are purchased) are compatible and there is no duplication of active ingredients. With the supervision that pharmacies provide for patients with a history of drug allergies, patients can feel confident that the medications they are taking are safe.
  • Clear explanations are also given about how to take prescription medications and any possible side effects that may be encountered.
  • Generic drugs are available.

Generic Drugs

Generic drugs are recognized as having the same effectiveness as their name-brand original formulations. Also, because their development costs are lower, generic drugs are often much cheaper than their original counterparts. Anyone interested in taking generic drugs should consult with their physician.

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